“Sirvana;” Beatle & Nirvana mashup?

About a week ago Paul McCartney performed in Seattle at Safeco Field along side none other than the remaining members of Nirvana, hosting the first big concert held at this venue. 45,000 people showed up for this unexpected rendition of two of histories greatest bands. Nirvana’s grunge, metal, and ear splitting drum sets meet Paul McCartneys unique, ear-friendly yet screaming voice to create indescribable, harmonious sounds that would be nearly impossible to recreate without this combination of people.

In several of the songs on the setlist showcased Paul’s own personality, seperate from the Beatles. He even did at least one Lennon song in which Paul was able to really “make it his own.” The rendition of Helter Skelter really showcases both the grunge feel of nirvana and the truly classic rock that is Paul McCartney.

So many people are wondering what will be next for this new band being dubbed as “Sirvana.” They had already played together before on 12-12-12 and coming back together 7 months later for a HUGE show leads me to believe that big things will be coming for this new group that I guess we can call Sir-vana, at least until the band finally lets us know what they’ve been calling themselves.



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