Good ol’ Guns N’ Roses

Doesn’t everyone have a secret weakness? You know the good church girls that run around with bad guys when they think know ones watching, or the people that like sucking toes or whatever it is. Mine is good ol’ Axl Steel. I honestly believe I could answer most questions you could ask about him, it’s kind of creepy actually.

Axl, if you see this, HI!

Anywho, Axl. Worlds greatest musician in possibly histories greatest band. Afterall, they do have the biggest selling debut in rock history, no big deal right..?

Welcome to the Jungle is by far my favorite song probably from them. If you haven’t read Slash’s book in it he talks about the time they wrote it. They were living a storage unit, shootin up all the time and had porn stars and strippers over during most times of the day, all while trying to have a band. They called this storage unit “The Jungle” because of their life style during this time. As many of you know, regardless of where they were GNR created a jungle, making me curious to how wild this storage unit truly must have been.


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