How Awesome Would It Be to Be Paul McCartney?


Really, imagine it. Old school and just the right amount of cool. Absolutely anyone would want to hang out with him yet he’s not all over the tabloids or really heard of too much. Besides him joining the Japanese Beatles.. Newsflash.

He  made history. The best band ever, possibly never to be topped. His music brought an entire new era to America and, essentially changed the world.

Go Paul McCartney.


I have always had a love for old music (I truly believe I was born in the wrong era) but, the Beatles are at the top of my list. I do have a crush on each of every one of them, along with any girl with a half a brain in her head, but Paul is the best. How he plays the guitar left handed and has that lop-sided, quirky grin. Also, in my opinion he was the most rock-n-roll. If you haven’t heard Out of Sight by him and the BloodyBeetroots I highly recommend it.



One thought on “How Awesome Would It Be to Be Paul McCartney?

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