I’m Home!!!


The end of semester has come, grades have been posted, bags have been packed and I have made it home for winter break!

I am completely biased to my hometown. I grew up on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula, with roots in Port Angeles and Forks, WA. The scenery is immaculate and I honestly believe very few places can beat it. We are surrounded by mountains, rivers, and the sea and very few places have all of those in the same town. It’s something special when everyone grows up surfing, snowboarding, fishing, and just being in nature.

It makes for the best kind of people.

DSCN1612Some of you may know I live with my boyfriend over at school. We met in college so we came from completely different home towns. He came to Port Angeles with me for the first few days of break so I took him around to a couple of my favorite spots. We hiked Marymere Falls which is on Lake Crescent and is amazing. The entire hike you are surrounded towering, ancient trees that are completely covered in  beautiful, thick, moist moss.


DSCN1609There are several little creeks and bridges along the way, making for the perfect little hike. Its just about an hour but mostly flat, I have done it with a stroller. It is such an enjoyable hike and such a great little representation of the beauty in the Pacific Northwest.

Finally, the hike ends at a lofty waterfall, partially frozen and dumping gallons and gallons of water on the ground beneath it.



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