The Montauk Project

The Montauk Project

Okay, so maybe I am just some crazy college design student but I love learning about “secret societies” and aliens and all of that stuff, I find it fascinating, true or not. 

I have just (as in tonight) started reading up on the Montauk experiment, and I think I am buying into it… Al Bielek says that our government was working hand in hand with these aliens essentially to create a society much more easy to control. If you don’t see this taking place all around you then you might be a “sheeple” too.. 

I have always felt a little different. I believed I could see fairies as a child and have always been a very spiritual person, even though I was raised in the opposite of a spiritual household. 

Al Bielek says that his first memories of his life he was nine years old. He says that he can remember the actual conversations. Because of this he was eventually asked to join the navy for special assignments, aka the Montauk experiment. Supposedly machines were built that were capable of time travel and they were able to use this technology to communicate with aliens. Both our government and these aliens wanted mind control, so they started working together. 

The experiment continued on and many astounding things have been claimed to take place. The link is attached. 

If anyone has any more knowledge on this experiment, or more like it I would love to hear!! 


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