No this isn’t a post about all the wonderful things I plan to change about myself in the coming new year. Maybe I’m the scrooge of New Years but I don’t really believe in new years resolutions.. If you have things you want to do or change about yourself why wait until the start of a new year to do it?
So there’s that rant.
Now lets rave!
From 7pm to 3am I will be having the most wonderful night of my life, thats the plan anyways. Maybe that’ll be my resolution… Just for tonight.
I am so stoked for this rave, costumes are made, playlist has been ready since I don’t know when and we are all getting ready to meet up at our hotel.
I can’t wait to be surrounded by HAPPY people, dancing in the dark with lasers, acrobats performing overhead.
While I’m not into EDM personally, I will never pass up a good rave.
And I couldn’t be more excited to be going with my best friend and kinda boyfriend kinda complicated but yet I live with the dude thingey..
Life gets weird and a LOT of shit happens. People come and go and thats life, I’m just so happy that I am alive and lucky enough to be able to attend something like this. I honestly couldn’t ask for any more from life.
What’s meant to be always seems to have a way of happening if you just sit back and let it.
I hope you all have a wonderful, amazing, happy new years eve and accomplish whatever it is you’re hoping for in the new year!
Would love to hear all your resolutions and plans! 🙂


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