A “Grease” Kind of Summer

1:3:14Can I just say how ready I am for summer? I know I am supposed to “enjoy the now,” or whatever. But when you’re stuck in Pullman it’s hard to not look forward to anything except getting out of the dead of winter.

Seriously. The moon, Antarctica and a Polar Bears toe nails are all warmer than Pullman.. let that sink in.

I could always transfer, and often can be found deeply considering it. However, I love the atmosphere WSU provides. The Coug spirit is unbeatable.

I am just excited for our 105 degree days by the pool and fun trips to the dunes I haven’t been to yet. Hiking, Cour De Lane and camping all around are the best parts of summer. I even love that first sunburn. It really is much better than frost bite.

What I mostly can’t wait for is summer clothes. The predicted colors for the season are outstanding with many purple, blue, and green hues. We should be in the middle of the “grunge” scene and starting to move into the 50’s, creating an epic “grease” feel.

Seriously. Ive been told to watch the movie for inspiration for the upcoming season.

The high waisted shorts, hi-top sneakers and casually tied up sweatshirts will be prevalent for spring and summer 2014.


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