Don’t Need A Change In Weather


Have you ever heard the saying that you notice the downfalls in other more often if they reflect downfalls in yourself? Well, I think that may be happening to me. I always hear people complaining that they can’t dress cute in the winter and blablabla.

I guess I do it too seeing as my last blog post was about being ready for summer clothes..

That’s besides the point. So, as I was perusing through Pinterest, wasting my day a way as usual, I stumbled across this beauty. I love her simplicity, the outfit made of basics, and how clean she looks. By clean I don’t mean literally, even though that would be true too, I mean how chic her outfit looks, almost seamless besides the gentle knot in her top, not skimpy but creating a very bohemian classic feel.

This is a prime example of one of my favorite “spring time” type outfits but I got to thinking, why couldn’t I wear this now? Denim or fur jackets would pair so great with the overall feel of this outfit and I remembered this jacket I almost purchased yesterday at Nordstrom.



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