Until Death There Is Nothing Enough


I have no idea how many of you meditate, and even more than that how many of you meditate often. Meditation can be kind of a voodoo subject in some areas and to some people, but I find it rather amazing. Meditating holds many powers and it has been proven people who meditate are happier, less “frazzled,” and overall HEALTHIER! Why would you not want to try it?

It is a personal daily goal of mine to meditate each and every morning, before doing anything else except yoga. I am finally getting to a point where I can see changes that are coming from my meditation practice and my days are just off when I don’t practice in the morning.

Todays meditation was interesting though, much more so than usual. If any of you use the buddhist meditation trainer app (if you don’t, you should!) my words of the day were “Until death there is nothing enough.” When I first opened the app and saw that was todays I wasn’t exactly sure what it meant. I was doing a practice where you inhale to the count of four, hold the breath for two counts, exhale for four, hold for two, repeat. I started thinking about my breath more and more. Holding for two counts after the exhale was hard! Almost like a mini death. My lungs were empty, no air from my full exhale and holding my lungs empty that way really did feel like a two count death.

As I kept following my breath with more intention each time I realized that when I do exhale that breath, I keep holding on but the breath is gone, pushed by my body out into the room for something else to use. Moments like this, especially during activities such as meditation, can be very awakening. Its a scary thing to truly realize that when you stop everything else will keep on going.

This is something that I am really beginning to see in my life and every day I learn the value of being able to just go with the flow.

I grew up in a crazy family. My little brother has always been “my person.” But, he’s having a really rough patch right now and just got home from treatment. I feel like he’s turning into one of the crazies now though. It’s been vital for the past two years for me to just keep in mind these things are going to happen, worrying won’t change anything.

Now, I found out the day before coming back to my college town from break that my boyfriend and room mate won’t be coming back to school. He got into an awesome school down in Arizona and is going to transfer there to make his dreams come true. I couldn’t be more proud of him but I don’t think I would be able to get through this loneliness with out remembering that things are gonna happen how they will. Just go with the flow.

I was recently “laid off” over a text message. Now no job and no room mate my life is going to get a little bit messy. But, guess what? It’s okay. Just go with the flow.

I believe in lucky charms and my little chinese coin bracelet on my wrist won’t be coming off for a long while.. But thats okay because life is going to work itself how out how it wants to, whether or fight it or just roll with it. So don’t ever let life get you down. Don’t ever feel stuck or forced to change things. It’s not right and you won’t be able to.

Just go with the flow.


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