Supersize Me


Is anyone else obsessed with the oversize trends?! I am afraid that I’m slowly becoming the sweater lady.. I just can’t get enough of oversized sweaters, poncho, cape style tops. And don’t forget oversized socks or cable knit leggings. I’m in love.

And in over my head.

Last season was “oversized” by everything maxi, this season the sweaters, next will be wide leg pants. Browsing the web you’ll start to notice them and how trendy the “trouser pant” is becoming right along with wide leg pants.

As a self-proclaimed “hippie-chick” I am so glad the wide leg pants are finally coming into styles, just like I was with the maxi skirt rave over summer.

I do hear though that mermaids will go mainstream in 2014.

As a true mermaid lover this makes me a little sad. My pin-up mermaid thigh tattoo will soon be over ran by mainstreamers. Just like they did to dream catchers..


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