3f1b7c58098c56f1c4759492b4b6a60f_largeSaturday mornings are my favorite because I have nothing to do. I don’t make myself wake up at 5:30 to go the gym, I don’t even make myself get out of bed really.. But. my excuse is that this is where I get tons of inspiration for the following week. I go on a hunt for new websites, blogs, trends, stores etc. And, more often than not I end my morning full of great ideas and new bookmarks and saved pictures from around the internet. It’s great.

Today I stumbled across these Werkshop leggings. The designer & creator, Chriztina Marie, draws all of the designs for the leggings, prints them to full size and tapes them onto her body forms. The leggings themselves are made out of what, in my opinion, might be a super fabric, (Polyester & Elastane with specialty spun-poly thread) these leggings should literally be able to do it all. Running, yoga, surfing, lifting, whatever it is you do, these leggings will do it with you.

The best part? There are so many designs they are built to be worn on the job too! You could buy work appropriate ones, whatever that means in your work place, and already be half dressed for the gym on your way home! Can’t complain about that?!

Because these leggings  are still so new she is selling them on a website called kickstart, where you can donate money to the project and receive leggings for much cheaper than the expected future price of $120! (Link at bottom)

I definitely have an “out there” style and sometimes can be known to.. step over the lines, but, I am in LOVE with these Egyptian style, pharaoh leggings.

2db4e55c942981e35a885755bea9768f_large0313f932500befda7bf1748f44df415d_largeSugar skulls are a staple of mine, at least I’d like to think that.. so these ones will probably be my first purchase!

You can find Werkshop Leggings here!



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