What Season Are We In?

What Season Are We In?

So I know I often talk about the dreaded cold, frozen over town that is Pullman. But, I must say since I have come back from being home from winter break the weather has been surprisingly nice. Generally we have snow snow snow till April or May and then a blazing hot summer.
Hell is here, and then it freezes over.
On my drive back here I was dreading being back. I spent the entire eight hour drive contemplating which number would be followed by a negative sign when I checked the temperature and how many feet of snow I would get to plow through to find my apartment steps.
However it has been surprisingly nice! I am not completely bundled up in 12,000 miscellaneous, thrown together layers. My eyelashes are no longer freezing so that’s nice. But, it isn’t spring yet.
I have been looking for some inspiration on what to do with this awkward between “season” and I think this girl has got it down and best part I know where to find shorts just like that 🙂 (I’m not sure if hers is shorts or a skirt, but anyways..)
I love the way she looks like winter with her soft white layers and the thigh high super cozy socks and her top half is bundled up so nicely with her oversized sweater and big scarf.
When attempting a look with shorts or a skirt (which is very popular this winter) you have to make sure to master the appearance of winter. Otherwise you look like one of those girls that everyone wonders if they know its cold out.
Even though this can be tricky, this girl shows us how it should be done.


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