The Sartorialist Has Done It Again

The Sartorialist Has Done It Again

Many of you that have found my blog have probably also, long ago, discovered The Sartorialist. If you haven’t, you need to. One of the most prevalent fashion blogs currently, he posts multiple times a day and his posts are spot on. Every. Single. Time.
I have my little morning routine, which is my absolute favorite part of my day. If you want to start me on a “happy tangent” ask me about my mornings. Anyways, part of my routine is checking out the blog world of course and I tend to peruse through the Sartorialist multiple times a day, even to look at things I have already seen. They’re that good.
Maybe he is really talented, maybe he just admires me, maybe he just posts things I appreciate, which can be kind of… out of line.
Today I was distracting myself from class (my classes are going amazing so far, by the way!) and came across this image. I’m honestly not really sure why it caught my eye as much as it did, I just think it is perfect.
The guy isn’t perfect, most wouldn’t even think he’s attractive. I however, would argue that point until I have a hole in my head.
He looks so grungey from first glance. The long carelessly bleached locks, next to messy facial hair and a cigarette in hand. A leather jacket with a sweater that semi clashes, but it’s okay because look at him. The peek a boo of a floral shirt underneath shows he does know what he is doing fashionably. Even with the carefree, dirty-sexy (yes this is a thing in my book) appearance, he is fashionable. Extremely fashionable.
And I think I love him.


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