Keepin’ It Real


As a student trying to come up in the fashion industry I am brand new flesh, brand new thoughts and ideas about the industry, and a lot of what I am seeing is wrong. Now, don’t misunderstand me. I’m not saying people who have been in the industry for years don’t have any idea whats going on with the factory issues, dyeing and production, and very importantly the ethics behind model treatment, but they are used to it. They’ve seen it all and have already scratched their itch of wanting to save the day. I haven’t.

This morning I came across an article on Refinery29 of Aeries new #aeriereal campaign. They are leaving photos of their models untouched. Of course the girls are still models, they still are mostly perfect, but its a step. I think it is so awesome to do a campaign like this, both for your business, the industry and even consumer.

Being someone who has struggled with weight loss issues, and someone who wants to treat their future models much better than how most are treated right now, I love Aerie for doing this.

One thing I found interesting is how many of the girls have tattoos if you look for them.

As a brand that in my opinion is popular to someone for a short time and then they move on, I  am curious what this ad will do for the business and for their competitors. It will be interesting to see what starts to happen around these similar teenage brands in the upcoming months.


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