Adding Ease to Your Wardrobe

Adding Ease to Your Wardrobe

When the “hippie life” began in the late 60’s and early 70’s it truly was a conflict of interest. It made society realize how prim and proper they were being in their dress. They hippies said ya know what? I don’t want to look perfect in a pencil skirt and over coat every day, so they brought casual attire into every day life. Of course some even took casual to the ultimate, turning it into unkept, but that’s not the point. The point is they wanted simplicity. Easy clothes, easy style and easy mornings getting ready. Isn’t that everyones goal?
In the upcoming season especially, this casual simple look is expected to climax. We saw it last spring and summer with the obsession of Maxi skirts, however we were all still layering this look often. The goal of spring/ summer 2014 is to minimize the amount of clothes you have to put on. We are seeing a lot of photo real graphics on clothes and are expecting to keep seeing more and more of this. These beautiful textile designs will allow the wearer to feel like they are wearing “enough” even if it is just one piece. No accessories needed.


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