Here Comes The Sun


There’s something special about summer. I’m not sure what it is, I’m not sure that anyone knows what it is. Maybe it’s the warm sun beating on tanned, freckled skin. Maybe it’s the way everyones hair gets just a touch lighter or the memories we have from school being out of session for almost three months.

Whether it’s the ice cream man or sprinklers in the yard there are very few people who deny summer of being the best of all the seasons.

Coming from a beach town summer is definitely my favorite. I like the freeing feeling of a bikini under a simple dress and the surfer girl lifestyle that even if you surf all year round, you’re just chasing the feeling of a summer day.

I am absolutely pumped for the upcoming season and all of the styles expected to be seen. The 90’s grunge feel is going to hold strong with words and graphics that appear to be dripping. Think Nirvana. The high waisted trend we are all loving is going to carry over into bikini bottoms, which I could not be more excited about, and swim suit tops will be something we have never seen. Girls will be seen wearing the high waisted shorts paired with either a bandeau style strapless top (probably featuring a plunging neck) or the top will be halter style, covering the chest and may have more than one set of straps. (Victorias Secret is adopting this in some of their bras already) We will see a ton of one pieces, which I happen to love, that will probably also be feature thin straps. But, my favorite look of all for the upcoming beach season is the long sleeve style top that is predicted to be a huge hit. The style takes a lot of inspiration from classic girls rash guards but is a cropped top suitable for a cute bikini, not just on the board.

I love how much activewear is taking over and coming into all other types of fashion, it makes me so excited for the potential it brings to the people.

Hopefully it means people are actually getting more active and wanting to be moving and healthy all the time, not just for the looks. Faith in humanity I guess you could call it.

Far out.


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