So many times life doesn’t go how we want it. Shoot, if you’re me most the time life doesn’t go how you want it. But, i’m realizing that this really doesn’t matter. And I know I’m just a dumb 20-something but I think I might have some things figured out. I just had a birthday yesterday and it was perfect. I didn’t have a single present to open, I didn’t see any of my family and I had no real plans. 

But, my boyfriend came to surprise me and we only got Friday through Sunday afternoon together and it was absolutely perfect. I couldn’t have wanted any thing else on my birthday. Coming home on Friday from a long day and seeing him sitting in his recliner with the TV turned on was the absolute best birthday present I could have ever dreamed of. 

We used to live together and have never not really lived together, we met in the college dorms and I guess you could say we fell in love almost instantly. Then some things happened, I made mistakes and we broke up for a little while. Right afterwards he got accepted into CRAS, an audio engineering program in Arizona so after winter break he stayed in his home town instead of coming back to our apartment at the University with me. 

Because of how shaky things were in our relationship I wasn’t totally positive that i’d ever see him again and to have him surprise me for such a perfect birthday weekend is just what we needed. It felt like falling back in love all over again. 

I have yoga class at 7 this morning, meditation club and an interview today coming out of such an amazing weekend today should be perfect!!! 


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