Could it Be?


Sometimes I see things, (or read, hear or anything basically) and think holy sh*!, that could be me! I don’t mean the actual person, I’m starting to notice that’s rarely the case, but the style. The feel, the aura that whoever or whatever it is feels like me sometimes. Maybe that’s because it is something that touches home for me or maybe I’m just one of those crazy people who does 10,000 things and thinks they all make you, you. I haven’t figured that much out yet..

But, when I saw this chic I had that feeling. She is me. This one I know for sure is the style. The maxi dress, converse, top knot bun and shades. She is simple. The only pop of color is her clutch or laptop case, not exactly sure what it is. She is trendy with the converse (see how she ties them, cute!) for the grunge look, the maxi skirt for the very in style simple, ethereal look that is a huge trend right now. The halter top on her dress is one of the predicted trends for Spring and Summer 14.

This girl is perfect. I like to think this is how I look, but my black converse are missing and I need that dress.. and lets be honest, she’s perfect. In case you didn’t get that the first time.


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