Never a Dull Moment

Never a Dull Moment

So, sorry I’ve been pretty absent in the blogosphere lately.. My life has been non stop going, cheers to your 20’s..
I had three exams this week and am slightly nervous on how I did, my motivation in school has been lacking.
This past weekend I got my yoga instructor certificate and started shadow teaching on Wednesday! It has been really exciting and so fun. The gym at my University will certify you to be a “fitness instructor on a yoga track” so I am only certified for that type of setting. But, they pay for 80% of continuing education so I am going to start getting my 200hr RYT through the yoga fit program. My first workshop should be in April!
Also, I started a new job at Crimson and Gray. A bookstore off campus that sells at of the WSU gear like sweats, sweatshirts license plate borders and things like that. It’s been really exciting and on my very first day the Champions Sportswear representative came and since I’m fashion design my boss let me pick out all the styles and what artwork on the sweatshirts and stuff for moms weekend, so that was super fun for me!

Oh! My fashion show! Last Thursday there was a fashion show I produced. It honestly could not have gone more smoothly. The president of the school puts on an Etiquette Dinner every year they decided they wanted a fashion show, so they got ahold of the adviser for our department and that’s how I got hooked up with the gig! It was sponsored by Macy’s, so we were able to get underprivileged students for our models and Macy’s gave us the clothes for them (very professional, business attire) and we received a grant from Macy’s to keep the clothes, they also gave us clothes for lucky winners.

So yeah, things have been pretty busy, but all so good. I’m having the time of my life.

So let’s talk about her! I can’t get over how in style this shape of sweater is. I don’t think i’ve seen on as a vest but i’ve seen tons of long sleeve and even short sleeve ones with this long draping almost bubble bottom how it is gathered. I love her skirt, I have a maxi skirt pattern that looks similar, I never thought about doing it in a short version but I may just have to know. The white oversized shirt has made it into yet another one of my posts.It’s just the perfect basic piece, a staple to essentially any outfit you want.

She is careless yet perfectly thrown together.


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