I’m Gonna Just Go Ahead and Say it

I'm Gonna Just Go Ahead and Say it

I like Mondays. I actually like them a lot.

Sure, I like weekends better, who doesn’t. But who likes Mondays?  Sure, its the end of the weekend, back to real life. I always figure it’s the sound of alarms for most of why people hate Mondays. You didn’t have an alarm, maybe no agenda at all for two days and here it is. The screaming sound coming out of some electronic device, perched, waiting to flood your peaceful head with it’s noise. Begging you to get up. So I changed my alarm. Now I have a nice noise, you can even (on Androids) set it a little earlier, so your alarm sort of trickles on.

I just don’t think there’s all that much to hate about Mondays. Its another chance for a new week, whatever you didn’t do that you wanted to do you have a new week for. A new week to meet new goals, to do a little bit better at work or school. A new week to try something new.

I get to teach yoga on Monday mornings and I honestly believe its the greatest way to start a Monday morning. I try to really set an intention for my Monday class because it can and should lead students through the rest of their Monday, if not the rest of their week. Todays intention was on Tapas, the burning fire within us. So with each pose we really focused on feeling our Tapas, and carrying this fzeeling into everything we do.

Monday’s don’t have to be bad, no days really have to be bad! If we can just focus on the fact that every Monday is leading us into a new week, or new opportunity. Every day being a new chance. Feeling and paying attention to Tapas can help our Mondays, or any day, to feel better. More personal.

So, have a great rest of your Monday and a wonderful week. Focus on the fire within you and fuel it.

After all, according to statistics, Mondays aren’t that bad.


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