The Perfect Kind of Love

Photo on 2-16-14 at 12.36 PMWednesday I had to teach yoga in the morning, take a math exam and turn my portfolio into the school (it determines whether or not you can do design as your major) and after that I didn’t really have anything else I had to do before you the long weekend so I said “eh, screw it. To Seattle I go” So, I left and have been spending the last few days in heaven with this man of mine! I got here at about 5 o’clock on Wednesday and had the most amazing drive. Farms were completely flooded from all the snow melt but the frozen waterfalls everywhere were breathtaking. People always complain about the drive but I actually kind of like it, and I like it the most by myself. It makes you want to stop the car to write a poem or something. On Thursday Cramer (that’s my boyfriend) had to work so I just practiced my yoga plan for next week and hung out with a good friend.

Friday I celebrated Valentines day for the very first time in my adult life, and it was absolutely perfect. I’ve lost several close family members and friends on Valentines Day and have just always figured it is kind of curse, but nothing could have ruined it!  We had a lazy morning, drinking tea and doing yoga. We took a bath in the most amazing big bath tub with shutters on the windows behind it. For the rest of the day we just laid around and ate and spend time with each other and for dinner he made me my very favorite food, corned beef and cabbage.

I cheated on vegetarianism for the night, but it’s okay. It’s funny, I had all these other plans that we would get dressed up and go to an amazing dinner. I even ordered a dress from NastyGal for the occasion. But, the itch got me to leave really early and I did. So at home theres a beautiful, sexy little red dress waiting for me on my porch and I will mail it right back because I chose sweats and couldn’t be happier with how my extra long weekend has panned out. I can’t wait to continue this last lazy day because tomorrow morning will come and Cramer will drive off to work and I will pack my things and leave shortly after, back to Pullman and my lonely apartment.


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