One of my favorite things in fashion are Look books. I think these are possibly the strongest way for a designer to demonstrate their creativity and really create a mood for their brand. I think the mother ship of look books is Free People. My heart leaps a little every time I see an e-mail from them. Their newest one is my favorite (I think that every few times a new one’s released). “Wildflower” captures the Free spirit that is Free People but it takes the boho to a new level. Bright colors, several one pieces, flowing tops and dresses, and embellishments of lace and florals make up a collection that would be hard to match. However, their team stepped it up even another notch by adding a touch of grunge. Extra strappy tops, platform boots, and several other “little things” tie the extra girly boho side of the collection, with a dominating trend that “takes us back.” Back to the days of Kurt Cobain and better days.


This look is one of my favorites in the collection because its something I actually personally would buy. As much as I would love to own a closet of Free People, it’s not happening for a few years. But I could do this. The shorts are adorable and affordable. The top is perfect and would go with anything all year long. It’s a staple piece. The added jewelry adds the “free spirit” boho feel, and the shorts bring us back to the “90’s grunge” with the style of short, color and fabric.

And as of today I have “gone back to the dark side” Bye bye blonde! 


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