Oh, the Nerves


Isn’t it interesting how everything changes when we get nervous? I have been teaching a yoga class at my University’s gym. This morning was my first morning teaching the entire class, and also happened to be my audition for solo teaching. I woke up in the middle of the night from an absolute nightmare!

I was getting ready to start my class and realized the microphone wasn’t working. After trying everything to no avail, I finally just said well, I’ll go with out it. Then about ten minutes into the class my paper with my plan typed up just disappeared, poof! I began panicking and running around looking for my iPad or computer to read my practice plan off, I was begging the lady watching me to let me re-audition but she made me keep going, even though I,  along with the entire class, was miserable and embarrassed.

Fortunately, none of that actually happened but it definitely made me much more nervous than usual! About half way through I thought I didn’t have enough poses and didn’t want to go into a cool down too early, so I started improvising. Of course patrons usually can’t tell, but inside I was just hoping this new flow would make sense. I forgot my yoga mat and water bottle. I found a new matt and just went without water.

Minus the little things I think I did really well, and I am extremely anxious to hear back!!!

Yoga teachers: I am having a hard time figuring out timing, do you have any tips or is this truly something that comes with time and dependent on the style of class you want to teach?

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