Making Homes and Almost Goodbyes


Life is interesting. Moving out of your parents is interesting, going to college is interesting, falling in love is interesting. None of these things are ever perfect, they never go how you planned. But they’re wonderful, beautiful, amazing, life changing things. They just get interesting.

I come from a small town, and a family that wasn’t too much of a family. I didn’t even realize how bad it was until I came to college and was able to step away. Then I met him, fell in love overnight and he became my family. We made a home. For both of us our apartment was the first space that felt like home. Everyone here at college loves to “go home” on long weekends and breaks, but not us. We made our home here. Our comfort zone here. Our future.

But, today I got to watch all of that drive away. I could not be more proud him and the things he is doing to better his, and our, future. But, like everything else, its interesting. It was probably one of the hardest thing I have had to do, to help him pack his bags and watch him drive away. I asked where he’s gonna get tonight,

“as far south as possible.”

This has been the third goodbye. We kept finding ways to see each other, and kept having to repeat our goodbyes, never knowing when we’d see each other next. But today, he finally left. No longer just across the state but clear off to Arizona. 3 or 4 states away. The last goodbye.

The first real goodbye.

But, like they always say. It’s not goodbye, its see you later. I’ve already got a weekend picked to go visit, and found a super cheap airline! It will work. I’m not sad he’s going, i’m proud. Extremely proud. I’m just sad that the first truly wonderful phase of my life is ending, but I am excited for the new phase to begin.

Like the moon, sometimes we are completely full, and shine a light so bright even the dark can’t win over.  Other times, once or twice a month we are almost completely empty, but there’s always a sliver of light. I’ll see him again soon. And in a year we will be a music producer and a fashion designer and the entire world will step out of the way so we can take center stage.


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