Stella McCartney Stole My Style

So, Yes, I am fully aware of my obsession with the Beatles and all things related to them, which may or may not contribute to my love of Stella McCartney.. Still haven’t decided if that’s the love of fashion or my love for Paul. But anyways, in my email this morning I had an update from women’s wear daily featuring Stella Mccartneys new line. I’m sure you all will be just as shocked as I was to find out Stella McCartney stole my style.
Granted, she is slightly more famous.. She has the money and she’s already created the dress and featured it in a fashion show, but, as an aspiring designer nothing gets me going in a positive way like seeing my ideas reflected in a famous line.
I’ve been dreaming of a dress or top with this silhouette.
I think the neck line is brilliant. A deep V that appears to be a halter top but the straps end there, in dramatic pointed tips, creating a fine line down the wearers body.
While Stella’s line is definitely high fashion, this look could be trickled down into consumer use very easily by recreating this look combined with either the trending grunge appearance, or the ethereal look.
Picture a body suit, with the dramatic neck line tucked into high waisted destroyed denim. It’d be borderline dominatrix.. Which is where our tops may be headed according to the latest trends.


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