To be a Girl is Degrading


I haven’t seen something truer than this in a long time. This isn’t something that is only seen in homophobes or people who are uneasy around gay men or drag queens. It is much deeper than that. So deep that did you know only 8% of advertisements are registered in our conscious mind? The rest digs deep inside of us, taking roots and creating thoughts, ideas and opinions that a 92% chance says we don’t even know are there.

And advertisements all around us degrade womanhood.

If we look at ads, people are objectified and objects are sexualized. Advertisements sexualize beer, perfume, food and just about anything a consumer can buy. Everything comes back to sex.

Sure this is nothing new, but does that matter? Could the continual objectifying of the human race subconsciously be leading us into our own demise?

Yes. If you notice in ad’s they almost always use women. Not to say they don’t use men, and not to say they don’t use men in a negative light, but it is nothing like towards women. Women can often be seen with perfume bottles between their legs, or something near their breasts, forgetting completely about the women thats parts are selling the product. Faces are often left out. Women are a shelf, a pretty thing to set something on in order to sell a product.

Does the fact that women are treated as shelves or “clothes hangers” add or lead to the increasing violence towards women? Most definitely. Especially because of what small of a percentage of advertisements are registered consciously.

Let’s not forget about what this constant degrading is doing to the women themselves. A topic very dear to my heart, eating disorders are (and have been) on a steady rise as television and advertisements continue to find common place in our lives. There are ads on busses, bus stops, cars, tv, newspapers, magazines, just about every where you look you can find an ad. And how many of these models are “normal?” None. The bodies of models are natural body styles in an estimated 5% of women. On top of that, these models in print advertisements generally aren’t even models. Most advertisers will combine 4 or 5 different images in order to create the “perfect woman.” 

What is the perfect woman these ads are trying to convey? A sex kitten very obviously. But have you noticed the young faces? Skinny bodies, big curious eyes and heads often resized to be larger add to an innocent and young look. Girls are meant to be sexy; whore-ish even, but still have a young innocent look on top. An impossible ideal.

We are meant to be small, weak, and perfectly flawless. Men are meant to be powerful, strong, and emotionless.

Being a man is great, it gives you power. Being a woman is submissive, making you someone or something else’s, but never your own.

If it’s hardly even okay for a woman to be a woman how in the world will we ever be okay with men wanting to be more like women? Even though decreasing the need for power, strength, and hard emotions probably could be one of the best things for our culture right now, its not happening.


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