Finally Friday!

UnknownI can’t tell you how glad I am that its finally Friday. You ever have those weeks that seems like Friday is just right around the corner, every single day? That has been my last two weeks. Midterms have had me a mess. But, it’s Friday. It’s almost spring break and midterms are over!

Not to mention, my Friday got started with the BEST morning!!! I woke up at five and got some reading done and drank a little tea. It was already light out and it seemed like the birds were chirping right out side my window. Then I had the best 15 minute FaceTime yoga sesh with the Wanderlust Moose! I felt so good! After a rough week this was exactly what I needed so I kept the momentum going with a quick jog. The perfect little loop around a creek and train tracks then back up through campus and down to my apartment!

It really is amazing how simple, quick, fifteen minute things can set you up for a perfect day!

And now I am celebrating with a hazelnut macchiato with honey and cinnamon. Friday treat 🙂


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