Busy Bohemian Life


I have been SO busy lately! My new job is going amazing. So far I think it is my favorite job i’ve had! Working with nice people really does make all the difference. The town I live in is really small, there are about 30,000 college students and not even half of that in “locals.” So while the population is large, depending who you ask, it is almost all college students, everything is centered around the university with a really small little downtown. I work at Crimson and Grey which is basically a “cougar spirit” super store. We had a big sale this weekend, and so many people were in town for the baseball teams double header, a basketball game against UCLA, and a tour of campus for high school students, it made for an EXTREMELY busy work day, it was so fun though and the weekend went by really fast.
I just finished my last thing to begin solo teaching yoga and am now all set to go for my first class on Friday. 🙂 I can’t wait!!!
Oh!! I passed my portfolio review so now I am a certified apparel design major 🙂 So excited about that! Next year i begin all studio work and can’t wait. Especially because our department will be moving into a new building. We are getting all brand new sewing machines, sergers, dress forms, and don’t forget about the new building!!! It’ll be so new & fun & exciting!
The one thing I’ve been missing with all this busy-ness is my daily online “stalking and shopping” but, I had some time today and let me tell you, things are GOOD right now!
If you ever shop on Dot and Bo they are having a sale on “the Bohemian Lifestyle” and I am completely in love with just about every single piece in the collection.
Sooo, you can get your perfect house decor and then find some perfect boho “barely there” silhouettes from Free Peoples new collection! I love it all. Lacy, gentle, delicate bras, flowing tank tops with barely there backs, and other loose tops, featuring unique sexy yet simple silhouettes.
So sexy, so free-spirited.



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