Something So Strong


Friendships are so weird. We have these people that for a certain time of our lives we are completely attached to, and after awhile we end up fighting or just drifting away. Some friends stick around. Some friends we are completely attached to for our entire lives, finding ways to never feel too far apart. Other friends you have already put so much time in you don’t need to do that, you just know that they’re always your best friend and if you ever need anything their there. These friends you can catch up with once every couple months maybe and its like nothing has changed. These are the best types of friends in my opinion.

My best friend and I have been best friends since we were 5 and 4 respectively. We met in the first week of our kindergarden classes and really did hit it right off. Alyssa missed her mommy and was crying, so I joined her. Her mommy came to visit her, and I got to join in on that too. I guess that started a life time of sharing Alyssa’s life with her. I always stayed at her parents, they felt more like mine than my own did, we went on family vacations together, and so far every single one of our big life events we have been there for each other.

Even though we may not talk as much as we did when we walked the elementary school track holding hands, telling all our dirty secrets. And we may not make enough time for pajama parties and movie nights. But I know without a doubt that she will be my best friend for the rest of forever, regardless of how much or how little we talk! Even though we have gone separate ways with career paths and education and whatnot and she’s the pageant queen and I the hippy fashion designer, nothing will ever break our friendship! You just can’t break the bond of two kindergarden girls crying for their mommies on the first day of school.


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