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Many of you may know that my boyfriend recently moved to Arizona, from our little market-top apartment in Pullman, WA. He is being amazing and pursuing a career in audio engineering. So for one year he will be down there, and I up here; both of us missing our room mate, best friend, and lover-lover. It has been a semi-hard adjustment, fortunately it has all happened really fast. But, I was starting to feel a little down in the dumps because he had been so busy when he first got over there, and I’m always so busy and it felt like we hardly ever had time to truly to talk.

Then a few mornings ago, my alarm didn’t go off and my phone died in the middle of the night. In my half sleep I heard some music and I thought maybe it was my neighbors alarm and then I realized there’s no way she gets up before me, and if she did I probably wouldn’t hear her alarm. So I jumped out of bed and Cramer (my boyfriend) had skyped me literally almost forty times trying to wake me up. When I finally realized what was going on we were skyping and laughing about how dumb I am, and we stayed on Skype for almost an hour that morning.

I didn’t go to the gym or do yoga, I don’t think I even had my morning tea. I didn’t have time to read or do really any of my normal routine but skyping him first thing, before we go about our days and both get busy set both of us up for such a better day, so now every morning we are taking time to Skype or FaceTime and it makes the days seem so much better, like we start the day connected. I think this is such a prime example of how life works. We aren’t always supposed to plan. Things won’t always go as we’d like, and sometimes we might miss our alarm. But as long as we can be conscious to these changes and what is brought by these changes we will have many opportunities to better our day to day lives.

So take it easy, go with the flow, and see what surprises you might find.



3 thoughts on “Stumble on Something That Works

    • Thanks! He’s got nine months of schooling and then the school sets him up with an internship! Such a cool deal. And I hope you understand the worth of a mustache compliment 😉 thank you!


  1. I love that photo of you two, you guys are adorable 🙂 That’s awesome you’ve found a routine that works to be able to stay connected in your LDR. My man and I have a 5 hour time difference (I’m in Canada, he’s in England) but we find a surprising amount of time to be able to Skype and message throughout the day. Each night before bed I leave him a message to wake up to and each morning I run to my computer to see what sweet message he’s left me after he woke up, definitely a great start to the day!

    Plus we like to surprise each-other to keep connected; we send a fair bit of mail (letters, thoughtful small gifts, or have something delivered to the other ones door like food, flowers or dessert). And the Skype movie dates also help make the distance bearable.

    Best wishes to the two of you 🙂

    Also if you’re on facebook I have a page for long distance couples where we share tips/quotes/photos ect,. If you’d like to be featured on it just send in a photo of the two of you and a bit of info and I can share it with a link to your blog. It’s “Long Distance Love” on facebook.



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