Self- Proclaimed Linger-er

Self- Proclaimed Linger-er

This morning I thought about posting about all the things I love, and I thought it was so ironic that the daily prompt is to explain times you linger. I think the idea of love and wanting to linger somewhere can tie hand in hand. As I thought about when I personally catch myself lingering so many times come to mind, I feel like I probably linger longer than the average person (I really wanted to just get to say linger longer (; ).
I linger most days when I walk to class. Campus is amazing with the rolling hills of the Palouse, nothing else around for miles. On campus the majority of the buildings are old brick with beautiful architecture. The school colors are everywhere you look, even in the buildings and the trees. Its hard to go sit in a class room with windows looking out to everything that’s outside.
I linger when I’m with my dad. Taking our time to get to places, never minding the “long cut.” I still stay up extra long, till I’m way too tired, just to sit downstairs and watch TV with him. 90% of the year I am at school 8 hours away, and we get very few visits in between.
I linger in fabric stores, walking slower as I can. Touching the majority of fabric bolts. Sometimes pulling them out, unwinding some fabric and feeling for the drape and hand. It’s kind of like a meditation to just focus on fabrics, slowly carefully and deliberately.
I linger on the phone with my brother. My baby brothers in juvy and his free time to use the phone is during my class. We have always been super close, but through all of his stuff we’ve being growing apart. We didn’t speak once for a few months and so now that we are kind of sort of starting to talk again I linger when we get the opportunity.
I linger many other places and most times in between, I just enjoy trying to be in the moment with all this craziness in life. But, the place I love to linger most is during my boyfriend and mines good byes. Our whole time together is one big long linger fest but I try to stretch our goodbyes as long as possible. Every time one of has to drive away the time flashes by and it feels like I had so much more to say. I hate the way it feels to never really know when we are going to see each other again. I hate the goodbyes and its probably the worst place to deliberately prolong, but neither of us can help it.


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