I don’t know how many know about The Law of Attraction, or “The Secret,” but if you don’t, look it up. The movie is on Netflix, there’s a book and tons of information about it everywhere. At the very basic level the Secret says that things you think about you are attracting into your life. By surrounding yourself by the things you want, and simply asking the universe you really truly can have anything you want. 

Sure, it may sound like some new type of religious dogma, but if theres no God, other than maybe the universe, there is no church besides maybe right inside of you, and there really are no rules, I don’t think you have much to loose.

I truly can see the Secret working in my life. I win raffles all the time, it’s kind of crazy! I just won one to a store downtown, and at our Universities gym! I’m just patiently waiting to win the lotto.. I made a vision board and hung it up right next to my bed. Through my entire yoga shadowing process I didn’t realize, until just a couple nights ago, that the same sequence on my vision board is the same sequence my instructor teaches. I have some “travel” things and I am finally starting to get some travel opportunities I am so excited about! Arizona, LA, and Milan, here I come. I have so many things on calmness, being present, and mindfulness and I can’t even begin to explain how much I have been growing lately in this area. I have a thing that says “down to earth” and I died my hair back natural and haven’t been wearing makeup hardly ever.

I can keep going and going and it’s funny cause I didnt really notice how many things really were coming true in my life until I actually sat down and compared myself now to the me when I tacked each one of those things on there, and there really is a big difference. I don’t think that The Law of Attraction is the only thing in my life that is making me feel so just happy, and lucky! But, I do think it’s a big part of it, and because I have been making a conscious effort to use it, I think it is increasing my mindfulness.

What are your experiences and opinions of The Secret?!


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