Backpacking through India

Backpacking through India

Okay so sorry to disappoint, I didn’t actually go backpacking in India. Yet. But, when I put on my super cool new backpack and decided to take off on a bike ride to Moscow, ID (about 16 miles round trip) for whatever reason, I decided to bring my laptop, thinking I would go to some cute little cafe. I told myself having it stuffed in my little backpack was like training for backpacking into some little village in India where I dream of living and traveling for a couple months. Cramer, you can come with, or wait-up to you;) Anyway, my bike ride. The deeper I peddled through rolling wheat hills the bigger and darker the clouds grew behind me. Even though I was getting hotter I could feel the temperature dropping and I knew what was coming. The inevitable Palouse weather. Snow. Sure enough I got a few minutes to sit down on the bench next to the “Welcome to Idaho” sign to eat my pb&j, take a couple pictures and basically as soon as I starting heading back it starting torrential down pouring snow and hail. At first I was pissed off. Are you kidding me I just fixed this bike, it’s finally sunny and supposedly officially spring. As soon as you try to do spring activities, spring goes away. But, then I realized, alright. I know one other person in town right now (because it’s spring break and EVERYONE leaves) and she’s working. So, i’m on my bike, 8 miles from home in the pouring snow but it’s okay because there’s literally no other option. Then it was kinda liberating actually. I was riding with no hands arms in the air like “What the hell is happening” but I was smiling.
Then just a few minutes later the sun broke out, and I was back on my spring time ride. Im starting to think the universe is testing me though. I have been having all these really weird dreams and looking up the meanings. Fortunately a lot have been things like “you’re going through a period of spiritual growth” blablalba. So that’s good. But, as soon as I realized I can’t change anything and decided to be happy with it the sun came out. God was peeking out at me saying you figured it out, see your reward! Woo. But then, yes there’s more, I decided i’d go to yoga at my very favorite studio. They have “yoga hour” once a week and it’s only $5, it’s hot yoga by candle light! So I drove all the way to Moscow, yes the same place I just biked to, and come to find out it’s the one day of the entire month that they don’t have it at this day & time. Oh well, I got a beautiful ride home and the sun was beaming!! Last light before a beautiful Pullman sunset.


2 thoughts on “Backpacking through India

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