Traveling For Fashion

You know when you’re waiting for something and it’s all you think about until you make yourself sick and force yourself to forget about it for a little while? Well you guess you could say I’m going through that overwhelming phase of excitement because in 6 short (well, hopefully short) weeks I’ll be boarding a plane to Phoenix to spend 10 days with my love, then I’m flying out of Phoenix to LA for 3 busy days in Santa Monica with my department at school!
This whole being away from Cramer thing has been really hard. I miss his company. It’s hard to have your best friend, room mate and lover all of the sudden thousands of miles away! Actually I have no idea how far away he is, Im not sure I want to know! But, I can’t wait to get down there and meet his family he’s been staying with, see his new house and school and everything! Maybe it seems weird but I just want to know and see what his new life there is like! He knows everything about where I am because he lived here with me, I have no idea what it’s like down there! And for it to work so perfectly I get to be there for his birthday?!? Im just excited to spend time in the warm sunshine doing all our things we used to do. 🙂
And Santa Monica, don’t even get me started! Southern California has always been where my hearts at. For someone who’s never actually lived there I know my way around LA-Newport pretty frickin good. And yes, I take pride in that- haha! I’m sure that’s where my career with take me and I can’t wait to be in that lifestyle and near my high school best friend and lots of friends/ family. I have all these things I wanna do and see down there, and have been trying to find the best yoga places. Yoga on the pier? Yes please. I keep trying to tell myself I am going for school and I’ll be busy, but it still seems like 3 days gives me time do anything when in LA. For school we get to go to a Speedo product launch in Huntington Beach. I guess it’s a pretty big deal like you have to be invited so that should be super fun. We get to go inside Nasty gal, Not Your Daughters Jeans, possibly Guess and one more place! For one night we will have a networking evening with the WSU fashion alumni in LA, a great opportunity to be in touch with people who could be a huge help after graduation. We will be staying right on the pier and I almost wish I could stay a couple days after everyone, just to explore by myself. Maybe I will look into it! I just want to loose myself in local coffee shops, really cool yoga studios, art gallery’s, book stores, and find some jazz concert on a field somewhere overlooking the ocean. I wanna take 3 mile jog down the beach, end up in Venice with my backpack and yoga mat and then explore there.
I’ll try to not overwhelm you all with Wanderlust posts for Phoenix and Santa Monica, but I’m so excited I just might not be able to help it. If any of you have any suggestions in what to do id love to hear!!!


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