Yoga in The Buff


I have always dreamed of naked yoga. I have always had this dream of living in a little cabana / hut typed thing, right smack dab on the ocean, a sandy yard. A picture myself waking up and stepping outside a few minutes before sunrise and leading my topless yoga class. So, maybe not naked, just topless by the sea. 

So i’m sure you get the picture. But then today I was going through Facebook and saw this article on the Daily Om Lifestyle about a studio in New York that now has naked classes, they say it is a way to more or less fix self esteem issues. The instructor still goes around and touches you to correct your asanas, but they say there is never to be any inappropriate conduct of any sort, including eye movements, and any violators will be dismissed. I’m not totally sure how this is possible in a room full of naked people in yoga positions. And, this doesn’t feel like yoga to me. Maybe I’m wrong for feeling that way when I’m the one who wants a topless class, but I feel like it is completely different when you take out the sunrise, the ocean, and the vast open shoreline. 

Yogis- and non yogis!- whats your opinion on yoga in the buff? Would you try it!?


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