Hippy Cleans Up Nice

I love this look! It makes me kinda sad because I had a dress just like this (except this is a romper) that I got for free from my old work, but it was just too big 😦 I think I gave it away!
Her look is kind of a dressed up hippie, which I love! It just gets me even more excited for my trip to Santa Monica & taking pictures on the beach. I think a slightly over sized dress or romper paired with wedges is perfect in really any pattern or design, but the black makes a much more classic, slightly dressy feel. A tan would be beautiful too, although it might take away from the dressy and create a more ethereal feel, which we can expect to see a lot of in the upcoming seasons.
I can’t wait for sunshine, a reason to shave my legs again, skirts, dresses sunglasses and fun colors and prints. Even though I like to believe I’m kind of a grown up and sort of working my way into the real world, summers just feel so carefree. Like all your responsibilities take a back burner. Summer is an excuse to be outside, or be lazy, to travel, and to take it easy. This girl captured the essence of summer and put a classic twist on, keeping the “boho girl” strong with the bell sleeves


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