Life Can Be a Bowl of Marshmallows

Life Can Be a Bowl of Marshmallows

I saw this post on pinterest, and kind of giggled to myself. If a bowl of marshmallows determines a perfect world, then we do live in an absolutely perfect world. Sure, you gotta work for it. You have to pick out all the annoying little parts to get down to only marshmallows, but sure enough, you can have that sweet, colorful, delicious bowl. If thats what you want.
Yes I am well aware there are way more issues than lucky charms to determine a perfect world, and we live in a time where the issues are never ending and the news is nothing but negative, but all you have to do is pick out all the pieces and just give yourself what you want. Forget the rest.
Sure, sometimes you might miss a couple pieces, but that won’t ruin your whole bowl! At least it shouldn’t.
I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately. I guess you could say I have “mommy issues” and I have been going through a.. self-improvement process, which has caused me to take a look at my mom and mines relationship, and at her as an individual. She is kind of like lucky charms. A whole bunch of parts I don’t really care about, but every now and then I realize how delicious the marshmallow is. Every once in awhile she does something that is “like a mom.” Then I cling. I do everything in my power to get more and more motherly things from her, and then the frustration comes. Like a shaking a box of Lucky Charms and realizing all that’s in there is the left over cereal dust- left over from the once full box. No matter how many times you shake the box, no more Lucky Charms are going to appear. You have to get a new box.
Now moms are kinda hard. You can’t just go pick up a new mom, and even if I could I don’t think I would. I love my mom, I just would like more from her. But, don’t we want more from everything and everything? Isn’t that where so much of our frustration comes from?
So pick out the bad parts, have a bowl of marshmallows if that’s what you want, but don’t sit there shaking an empty box. Pick up a new one if you have the means, or wait patiently because good things always have a way of coming back around.


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