A Day of Blessings

How good of a day is it when you wake up, it’s friday and everything seems to be going your way!?
Waking up on a Friday is always a little blessing in itself, I guess waking up every day is, but every knows Fridays are just extra special :). The sunrise was AMAZING on my way to the gym this morning. I taught a yoga class and left a little early to make sure I could get the room set up just fine on my own and I’m so glad I did because the beautiful colors the sun spilled over the rolling hills only lasted a couple minutes. The class I taught today was probably my favorite I have ever done. It just worked, finally! I got three different compliments on the class and that is my favorite. I know that when I go to a really good yoga class it can be better than therapy (haha!) and that is my goal for everyone of my classes. I discussed Sattva all throughout the practice and people seemed to enjoy it and were really receptive. I was nervous to start teaching on Indian Philosophies (even though it is my personal favorite part of yoga) but the gym I teach in is all college kids, and I think they are more focused on a work out than the actual practice yoga is meant to be. However, I pushed through my nerves and just taught it. And I’m so glad I did! My passion for traditional yoga shined through and the class was able to take some of that light and hopefully can work it into the rest of their weekends.
Also, yes there’s more, I got approved to be a campus rep for Pura Vida Bracelets, which I am beyond excited about! They are a company that supports local artisans in Costa Rica. Check em out here, and use the code love10 for 10% off!! That code will always work, so please use it anytime! They have some amazing bracelets, iPhone cases, and the most adorable festival bag! I am so excited.
I had the best little FaceTime date with Cramer on my walk to class this morning, yes I’m that person. 😉 and now Im just waiting for his wonderful self to FaceTime me quick before my next class!
It’s not even 11am yet and this day is full of light, love, and positive emotions!
You really can’t ask for more, so yay for that!


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