Arguing With Depression

This post is going to take a few detours, be prepared. So in a zencast the speaker said it can help suicidal people if when they are happy they write it down. They write their feelings, the experience, the cause, the people, everything. And when they are feeling down to look at that piece of paper and remember that the pain really is only temporary. I think that’s fascinating. The idea of literally arguing with your own depression.
Today I got my 2 year CPR, aed and first aid certification! Woohoo.
I found out that lookbook, one my favorite inspiration fashion websites, has an Instagram! So happy. I found this photo that I never saw online and fell in love! I’ve been wondering how to pull off one of the loooong cardigan / sweaters. Her shoes are amazing, a grungier version of chucks. I think she even has dark socks under her tights, such a trend setter. Haha, but really, even her tights are awesome and torn just right.
And now I’m home, stalking lookbook Instagram listening to Nora jones pandora waiting to go to candlelight hot yoga at the worlds best super hippy yoga studio, nourish in Moscow Idaho! Me and two others were supposed to go but both of them bailed! It’s true, you can’t depend on anybody but yourself;


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