To The Boy That Had The Nerve

I’m going to attempt to paint a clear picture for you all. I work at Crimson & Grey (I go to Washington State University and those are our school colors, which everyone sports all the  time.) We are basically your Cougar spirit super store. We will little souvenirs (i.e cups, mugs, bottle openers, license plate borders etc) TONS of crimson and grey WSU clothes, and textbooks. I work with the most down to Earth people and it really is the ideal college job, I am so lucky!  

WSU is a school with HUGE spirit. Many of the professors well say that they have never taught at a school with as much pride as we have here. So to start getting to the point of my story, I was at work the other day and some people with the ASWSU came in. ASWSU is our student government among many other things, they basically oversee most things that go on on campus and even around town. So the ASWSU came in to film in the store, a little quick video for “The 30 days of Pullman” that is coming up. It was two girls and a guy. Sorry to all you fraternity members, my boyfriend was one as well, but you could tell this guy was just a complete frat star. He told the girls they could record him not vice versa, he even requested they make sure his belt buckle makes it into the shot, oh and don’t forget between cuts one girl was fanning him with that foil reflector thingie… true story. 

So meanwhile I am trying to not get irritated that this arrogant man is taking up a huge corner of my floor, right in the middle of some of our most popular merchandise, blocking basically everything all while being loud and obnoxious. I was up at the counter helping the sweetest old man. The old man told me in such a kind way that he bets I am beautiful with my hair down (I had it up in a sock bun) and he said he doesn’t understand the whole bun thing, he thinks they’re horrible.  I was giggling with this man, thankful for his compliant and we were kinda chatting back and forth when frat star jumped in and started saying specifically that my bun was horrible. Excuse me, you weren’t even in this conversation. 

So i ignored it, the old man left and frat star went back to recording. We were doing inventory in the store that weekend so I was continually running back and forth from the counter to all around the floor putting things away and about three different times frat star told me how I should wear my hair down, how bad the bun was, etc etc. And I just kept ignoring him. And I mean ignoring, not saying a single word and acting like I didn’t see him. And I figured he’d just let it go. Finally, I thought he was leaving the store and I thought to myself, “bout damn time” But, then he came up to the counter to buy something…yaaaaay.. And he had the nerve to AGAIN tell me I should wear my hair down, for what felt like the fifteenth time, with his slicked to the side blonde hair and rich boy smile I finally said something. And I told him”ya know, when you are working two jobs, paying for your own school and all your own stuff, a part of one club and the president of another, taking 17 credits every semester, and have a boyfriend in another state you’re not too worried about keeping your hair down, and who thinks your bun sucks” 

I can tell you he looked at me with the blankest stare, the dumb-boy really showed here, he handed me his money and left the store without saying another word. So, to the boy who had the nerve to continually make a girl feel bad, I hope you understand not everyone gets to live the privileged life, and not everyone cares about looking perfect for a camera all the time. I hope you know that maybe even if my sock buns are ugly and I am prettier with my hair down, I hope you know you’re the one that showed an ugly side, not me. 


2 thoughts on “To The Boy That Had The Nerve

  1. Sierra, isn’t it sad?! Makes me even more sad that he might not have any idea he feels so down about himself, let alone his spread of this to others!
    Looking now, Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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