Give Peace A Chance


Not very many people had life figured out quite like John Lennon. As I sit here in the extremely busy Compton Union Building (Basically the hub of campus activity) in the Starbucks flooded with students rushing from one place to the next, I started thinking about my own life.

I literally can see NO end for how overwhelmingly busy I have been. Half of me think’s thats wonderful because I love everything I’m doing, and half of me wants a day of nothing. A day to myself. I don’t have a day of nothing anywhere in my foreseeable future, until I head down to Phoenix. Five more weeks with something to do every single day. Even though I feel like the worlds busiest person with two jobs, 17 credits again, being a member of one club and the president of another, being involved at church and a long distance relationship. I think the only thing that gets me threw these days is giving peace a chance. Maybe I don’t get days off and weekends don’t exist but taking just five minutes every once in awhile throughout your day to check in yourself will get you through even the most hectic weeks!

But as I was getting ready for this post I started thinking more about this idea of just giving peace a chance, even just within ourselves. We can give peace a chance in so many ways that most of us probably wouldn’t even think about in our day to day lives, but if we all geared our minds a little more to this idea, the world would be a way better place. John Lennon had it right, of course..

Going into summer time we can see examples of people not giving peace a chance everywhere. Media and social networking websites are exploding with tips for “the perfect bikini body,” diets to get you there, and tons of pictures of women that aren’t even women, they’re photoshopped mystical creatures basically. This is probably the number one thing I am currently struggling with, and looking at these images, searching for perfect body “thinspiration” and forcing yourself to physically become something you’re not is not giving peace a chance.

Not only does this take your own peace away from yourself, but it steals it from other people as well. In my yoga classes I always courage people to fall out of their poses if they feel the need, don’t force anything. I try to tell my patrons to not look in the mirrors. I encourage childs pose constantly throughout the class. I think opening up a safe zone like this, where no one is looking at themselves, or others; A space where everyone feels comfortable doing whats right for them at that time, creates a peaceful environment. Simply because people are willing to be peaceful with themselves.

If we all went on a boycott of “thinspiration,” super sexy unattainable images, and quit looking at other people that would be a huge opportunity to give peace a chance. By being comfortable with yourself, by doing what’s right for you at that time, and not forcing yourself into something that just quite simply isn’t you, you give everyone around you permission to do the same.

You give everyone around you the example and the desire to give peace a chance.


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