I believe in Magic

I believe in Magic

“Do you believe in magic? In a young girls heart” the Ally and AJ song that got me through my childhood, is exactly where this post is headed.
I grew up in the most magical place under less than magical conditions. To the left of my house was a little tiny creek, enveloped by trees and bushes and a little home made bridge. When you walk deep enough the creek begins to trickle into tiny water falls, and there is a tree who’s branches arch over head, similar to a willow. I used to climb in side and stay under the tree by the creek for as long as possible.
I always believed fairies were there. I thought they loved in the tree, played by the water and they were more or less my “imaginary friends.” All my life I have collected beautiful glass fairies. Every time I did something like lost a tooth I could pick out a fairy to add to my collection. A part of me will always believe those fairies were real and that if you look hard enough, if you allow your inner child to come out, you might be lucky enough to see something that usually only shows themselves to children.
So you can imagine how pumped I was to see that a professor from Manchester believes he has photographed fairies. The pictures are now in a special exhibition and have received a LOT of press, both good and bad. But, in the article he states that you can choose to believe or not. After blowing up these pictures and noticing the fairies he went out to photograph more bugs but none quite photographed the same.
So what do you all think? Mayflies or fairies?


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