Nike Designer

Nike Designer

So today was basically the best day of my life. Okay not really, but sort of. At school we are so fortunate, the department brings in a lot of relevant people in the fashion industry to talk with us. Today was the chief swimwear designer for Nike. As someone really hoping for a career in the activewear/ surf industry this was right up my alley. I even skipped my very own meditation club to make it 😛
Erica Christanson is a young, beautiful blonde lady with such a good head on her shoulders. She has been graduated for seven years now and already holds a job as chief designer. She has worked for Columbia, Nike and has had several amazing internships. She was so well put together and completely represented her own branding she has created. We got to see her portfolios, from school, her early career and her one she is still adding to. It is so crazy to see how much people grow in just a matter of years.
Her inspiration in the beginning of her portfolio was from a rainbow. Her more recent projects have been designing for Tiger Woods and olympic athletes. She designed Tigers golf outfit, and you wouldn’t believe how in depth each piece is. The polo has little circles that change color three times around the body, so when he swings the movement is emphasized in his clothing. The neck line under the collar band has tiny holes for breathability. The pants pockets are bonded so nothing is swinging inside. The waist line has tiny lasered “sticky circles” that help keep his shirt tucked in while he plays. Every single detail is thought about.
The whole time she was talking and showing us her work, and getting to touch pants designed for Tiger Woods (by the way they’re so lightweight. she calls them yoga pants for dudes hahah!), i was completely in my zone and could hardly fight back my tears because I’m a loser and excitement makes me cry.
It just makes me so excited for my future. To see my own portfolio come together and watch myself create a brand that represents me. I don’t care if I don’t make a lot of money, that’s not what I’m here for. I’m here for a passion and getting to see people ahead of me and all the amazing opportunities I will have never fails to amaze me.
The photo will link through to Erica’s online portfolio and for all you other design students out there you should check it out! She really is amazing.


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