Oh The Things You’ll See

College is the best. College at a huge 26,000 student university in the middle of a wheat field is even better. Everybody here is working so hard to start their futures. Everyone has some goal in mind. Sometimes I feel like the busiest person at Wazzu, even if I know that’s not true.
This morning on my way home from the gym I saw the best thing, I wish I could have gotten a picture. Two people, I’m assuming a couple were riding on a old school cheap motor bike. The bike already had its own cool factor set against a back ground of beautiful brick buildings with the sun making its first appearance for the day.
I thought it was really sweet the guy taking his girlfriend on a bike ride first thing in the morning. Then I noticed her shoes. White high heels on an older bike with the awesome campus lit up by the sun. I took a closer look at her and I’m not positive but it seemed she was wearing on of the student air force jackets and black slacks. It just really made me think about my life and everyone else’s around me.
I know the air force kids work out bright and early. Maybe she practiced, ran home to change, ended up late and her boyfriends rushing her to her next thing all dolled up on the back of a motor bike. It’s funny when we take the time to truly notice what is going on around us. When we feel rushed and busy and overwhelmed we fail to notice all the people around us that may be feeling the same.


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