Blood Red Moon


I had the best night last night!! Being someone who gets up at 5:00 every morning, I am also someone who goes to bed around 8:30 so staying up to see the lunar eclipse took real dedication. Thankfully I had one of my bestest friends come over before hand 🙂 We had such fun talks and yummy food before heading up to what is called Thompson Flats. It is right at the start of campus, you walk under a huge archway with beautiful trimmed grass and perfectly lined trees. We laid on the damp grass without a care in the world and watched every sunrise and sunset everywhere, flash in front of us reflected by the moon. We had mini speakers and played lots of classic rock. John Lennon, The Eagles, and Creedance Clearwater Revival.


It truly was an amazing sight and the way it was spent was even better! With a best friend, happy & healthy bodies, a beautiful place to lay, some of histories greatest music, and the only lights coming from the blood red moon.



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