Sometimes you have to just wake up and make decisions. People don’t like that because they like to sleep in long enough they are rushed and don’t have to think about what they’re doing and can just hurry up and get out the door. No one wants to get out of that warm cozy bed that’s embraced you for the last 7 hours, just to get up go into the cold dark world and make decisions. It sounds horrible.
But I love having time for choices in the morning. I think it is so important to leave some “you time” before you let the rest of the day bull doze right over you.
So this morning I am deciding to skip my normal work out and go to my very favorite yoga place for a gentle early bird yoga session and I am pretty sure that is just what I need this morning.
So today I am taking some time for myself this morning to set an intention for the rest of my day. All day I long I hope to be as happy as the bird who caught the worm. Or French fry 🙂


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