The Ballerina in Me


Tulle skirts are becoming a booming trend, and happen to be something I am perfectly okay with! For once fashion is really going my way.. However, as much as I love the look of the 1960’s tulle skirts, especially in the midi length. How much closer to “Grease” can we get!? But, I have a dilemma . I would never actually wear one. Well, I would but until this picture I had no idea how! Her leather top is a perfect grungy compliment to such a darling princess skirt.

I always love seeing opposites together, like they always say, opposites attract. And the deeper I go into my fashion education the more I see how true this is. Stark contrasts, such as leather and tulle, create a look played down. Not too princess-y because there is a touch of punk rock.

I used to want to be a “ballerina rockstar..” Not exactly sure what I ever meant by that but now it looks like my dreams really will come true.


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