Do You Play Enough?




I love to play. I love to stop for an extra second and look at flowers. I like to take things slow. Can I say it again? I love to play. The swings, slides, lava monster, and board games are all still so fun for me, but I admit, I don’t play enough.

I got to thinking. Most of us associate our childhood as a time where we were more carefree, we didn’t have anything to worry about, and all we did was play. When you really think about it, most of that isn’t true. I can remember worrying as a child, I probably cried more then than I do now! The difference? Once all my tears were out it was over. I went back to playing. We say children are more in touch with their spirit, they are more innocent. Most of us fail to recognize a correlation between the free spirit of a child and the amount of hours they spend playing. 

Think about what kids are doing when they play. Whether it is house, hide and seek or building sand castles they are finding a way to be purely in the moment and interact with their environment. Imagine if we all found fun creative ways to do that? 


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