What Kayaking Taught Me


Yesterday I had the BEST day! My best friend and I went to kayak the snake river. It was completely over cast but still kind of warm and we have put our trip off for awhile so we were totally set on going! Finding a place to put the boats in the water was an adventure in itself because we had basically no idea where we were going. We finally found a place and our adventure could begin! We got in the water and started paddling downstream (why we went downstream with only one car I have no idea) and we got distracted giggling and taking pictures and when we looked up we realized how fast we went downstream and started attempting to paddle back up.

We finally got a little further upstream then where we started and found a tiny little “beach” to pull our kayaks up on. We spent awhile here doing yoga, and just playing around. The beach was right next to a beautiful walking trail that tons of people were walking jogging and riding their bikes on.

It was such a fun trip and I am on such a high today and I honestly believe it’s from getting out and being in nature. I was overdue for playtime. In college it can be so tricky to get off campus and do something fun. No one has time and no one has money, so getting out was overly needed and so appreciated.

IMG_0006In our final savasana, after paddling so hard to get a little upstream simply because we weren’t paying attention to how fast we were getting pulled down, I had some realizations. I was thinking about how relevant our kayak trip was to life really. We were paying no attention, we didn’t have a care in the world and before we knew it we were exactly where we didn’t want to be. It took so much effort to get ourselves back to where we wanted to be, but once we were there and spent some time relaxing we were able to get back to the boat launch no problem.

I’m starting to realize how important it is to do everything with intention. When you quit paying attention to where you want to be, you might find yourself exactly where you don’t want to be before you even know what happened. Paddling upstream when you already were at a good place can be nearly impossible.



4 thoughts on “What Kayaking Taught Me

    • It’s easy to do! I think so much of our world is reflected right in front of us. We can learn so much about ourselves and the world around us if we just take a second to open our eyes!


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