Work With the Earth

I have been so stressed lately, we are going into finals week and this is the most stressful week I have had at college so far, but you can see my post about all that here. Also in that post I talk about this new (new to me anyway) shoe brand that has copper dots on the balls of your feed that allow you to draw energy from the Earth, and expel your energy into the Earth. Pretty cool. To get to the point of this post, my friend and I started a garden! I am so excited. I’ve never really done any gardening at all, I grew a sunflower when I was a little girl outside my dads shop and that’s been it. So we will see how this goes…

I am learning really fast how hard of work it is to garden. When I got my plot it was horrible. Like way more of a weed patch then a garden, it took a lot of weed pulling till I finally realized there’s rhubarb growing right in the middle. Even though it has been such hard work I am also realizing why people love gardening! It is almost therapeutic especially after being locked up in libraries and classrooms for 12 hours a day, nothing beats going out and being in the garden for just a couple of hours. This probably sounds corny and obvious but it is really cool to work so hard and then actually be able to see how much you’ve done. The results are always there right in front of you. I can’t imagine how rewarding it will be to be tasting the veggies that I worked so hard for!

How cool is it that we literally have the ability to grow our own food? I started a page for my garden so you guys don’t have to be bothered with constant updates! Check it out here. 🙂


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